May 26th, 2009

Entropysink, established in 1884 by a monocled old gentleman with a pump fetish and a bent farthing, was recently acquired by the Ambivalent Donkey & Associated Ministeeds group, which specializes in unfeasible technologies at unrealistic prices.

Entropysink – as the name implies – is all about soaking up all that disorder that keeps messing things up in our world and, indeed, the universe as a whole. This disorder varies in magnitude from the barely perceptible to the OMFG scale and it’s important to note that until entropysink came along, there was no known way of absorbing this chaos.

Well now there is still no known way – but thanks to the innovation of our boffins and their clever creations such as our award winning perpetual motion and cold fusion technologies you can rest assured that entropysink has your best interests exorbitantly priced.


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